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H.G Demonstration Human Skull With Metopic Suture

H.G Demonstration Human Skull With Metopic Suture


This skull is a stunning representation of the work done by H. Gumpert, a famous skull detailer at the height of medical bone preparations. This skull also presents with a metopic suture: a frontal suture going up the center of the frontal bone, generally complete closure of this happens at 9 months of age, making it a very rare feature. 

Very robust, intricately cut and assembled, displaying all dentitions and no missing pieces or breaks. Bone quality is very dense and sturdy, no fragility present. 

Large adult male skull likely prepared by the company Clay Adams (stamp on skullcap is too worn to read). Prominent jawline and nasal bridge. 

As a Sagittal demonstration skull there are many cutaways and doorways with high quality hardware. Internal orbital cutaways are present and prepared with incredible precision. Nerve pathways of teeth are all present and situated correctly. 

***All human remains are acquired from retired teaching facilities, ethically sourced and preserved for further anatomical study***

***Human remains sales are prohibited to the following states: Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee***

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