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5-7 Year Old Uncut Pediatric Human Child Skull

5-7 Year Old Uncut Pediatric Human Child Skull


This pediatric skull displays with a full set of deciduous teeth in immaculate condition. Teeth are all original with no replacement and do not show signs of degradation or cavities. 

Lacrimal bones are fully intact and no breaks or cracking is present on skull (very tiny hole from missing wormian bone is present on left occipital roughly the size of a piece of rice. 

Bone is in exceptional condition and is perfectly cleaned and prepped, no marking or scuffing present. 

(photography elongation occurs in frontal pictures, causing the facial features to appear more stretched than they are, this skull has a small face)

Height: 14cm

Circumference: 45cm

***All human remains are acquired from retired teaching facilities, ethically sourced and preserved for further anatomical study***

***Human remains sales are prohibited to the following states: Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee***

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