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30 Week Old Human Fetal Skull

30 Week Old Human Fetal Skull


Roughly 30 week old fetal skull, fully intact and presenting with a very rounded and well formed cranium. This specimen is medically lightened to high white, and is securely and professionally prepared.

This specimen was likely used for anatomical study of fetal development and childbirth, now a retired educational model. Condition is excellent, displaying no damage, discoloration, or fragility. 

Incredibly delicate and rare, this medical teaching tool was a tragic example of pre-modern medical advancements, though the tragic loss fueled the evolution into the world of science and medicine that we now know today. 

***All human remains are acquired from retired teaching facilities, ethically sourced and preserved for further anatomical study***

***Human remains sales are prohibited to the following states: Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee***

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